ARIMINO Sherpa Treatment Supple D3
ARIMINO Sherpa Treatment Supple D3 ARIMINO HAIR CARE TREATMENT Johor Bahru JB Malaysia Supplier & Wholesaler | UNICE MARKETING SDN BHD
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"Sherpa" Home Care & Treatment Shampoo and lineup to match the characteristics of each hair style, hair care, and after treatment to protect the hair from damage life to sustain hair style all day long. By keeping a good state of hair, hair hair design shines grant, the next time you go to the salon, I'm sure it will be fun. Home care is an entirely new "hair design ideas."


Supplemental treatment design D-3

Design Effects care

in style with a sense of unity Moist (Medium-Long)
for those hair-thick terminal hair, bristles Gowatsuku

1 Honey
80% is sugar, rich in vitamins and minerals, and amino acids. Excellent moisturizing power, the water-holding capacity.

rich in palmitoleic acid contained in the sebum 2 macadamia nut oil refining, familiar to the hair, high permeability.

cholesterol component can take from three plant phytosterol derivatives. Prepare the hair as similar substances CMC.

Direction for use
- Massage treatment into hair, avoiding scalp
- Rinse thoroughly and follow up with Sherpa Design Supple After Treatment.


250g /1000g


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