Spa Mist Machine
Spa Mist Machine HAIR SALON EQUIPMENT ELECTRICALS Johor Bahru JB Malaysia Supplier & Wholesaler | UNICE MARKETING SDN BHD
RM 900.00
10.000 KG

Hair Care Is the Root of All Beauty
Sleek, supple hair that reflects ideas of the stylist in every detail. Hairstyles that customers hold in admiration. 
That kind of beauty only comes with healthy hair, when each strand is soft and supple to the tip. Spa Mist II uses a soft, microscopic mist that penetrates the scalp and hair - and the customer’s soul.
Used with treatments like the Head Spa for giving clients all-round, feel-good hair care, or with hair coloring or a perm, Spa Mist II helps you care for hair so clients leave looking and feeling beautiful


Control the Temperature and Quantity of Mist - Helping you Provide the Best Head Spa and Treatment Experience. 

Spa Mist II was developed with a focus on using the power of mist with its tremendous potential. An ultrasonic transducer vibrating at 1.6 million times a second generates a fine mist of microscopic water particles.

The temperature and quantity of the mist can be freely controlled and used for relaxation treatments like the Head Spa, as well as acid hair coloring and perms. Hair is set gently and with great care. Spa Mist II is highly functional yet compact. And its sleek cubic design is well matched with the decors of high-end salon spaces.

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