Shiseido Sublimic Aqua Intensive Velvet Oil 100ml
Shiseido Sublimic Aqua Intensive Velvet Oil 100ml Shiseido Professional HAIR STYLING  Johor Bahru JB Malaysia Supplier & Wholesaler | UNICE MARKETING SDN BHD


Replenishes hair with moisture for a texture that is smooth to the ends, while protecting hair from external stress during the day.

Those whose hair has weakened due to repeated perming and coloring

Those who are concerned about dry hair

Intensify resilience. Magnify moisture.

Revive hair with its own inner strength

With every use, build more strength from the hair¡¯s core. Shiseido¡¯s unique Double Repair System targets the causes of hair damage, with specialized solutions. For weak, damaged hair, it builds strength, to create resilience.

For dryness, it creates a moisture barrier, to seal hydration in. 

Hair is renewed, in a whole new way-AQUA INTENSIVE

We focused on the decrease in hair shaft resilience of damaged hair. Addressing damage based on the types of causes, Shiseido¡¯s unique¡°Double Repair System¡± creates damage-less hair that is full of vitality

Increasing hair shaft resilience by strengthening the cuticles(WEAK, DAMAGED HAIR)

Quasi Cuticle Ingredient covers the areas where cuticles have peeled off and prevents components inside the hair from leaking.

Increasing suppleness with the moisture barrier(DRY, DAMAGED HAIR)

The ultra-thin, moisture barrier wraps around the hair shaft to prevent dryness of both inside and out, creating hair that is supple and fully hydrated.

A 2-layer hair oil of moisture layer and oil layer that fills hair with moisture and gives a lightweight, silky texture that lasts.


Apply to towel-dried (or dry) hair.

Take an appropriate amount onto your palm and apply to the entire hair, focusing on the ends, and work well into the hair.

Shake well before use to ensure the 2 layers are thoroughly mixed together.


Aqua Mimic Agent (Moisturizing agent)

 - A complex of Royal Jelly Extract and Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate that retains moisture inside the hair and prevents the loss of the moisture.

Fragrance ¡°JUNE BRIDE¡±

 - A clean and fresh fragrance like a bouquet of white flowers for a June bride, with an herbal green note as the accent.

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