Vetus Tweezers
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Product Features:

1. Made of stainless steel materials;

2. Anti-magnetic acid prevention;

3. Cutting-edge hardness is particularly good, not easy to deform, HRC up to more than 40, can be used for a long time, increase life;

4. In the use of a relaxed feel, can adapt to long-term work;

5. The appearance of smooth lines, fine processing;

6. cutting-edge fine, ultra-long contact surface, can adapt to very fine products in 0.01mm objects operation;

VETUS quality tweezers have the following characteristics:

1. Materials- use of high-quality stainless steel (anti-magnetic, acid, anti-corrosion, not rust).

2. Appearance- through the surface treatment, there is a special high-grade experience.

3. Plane thread- surface thread, line depth consistent, side R edge uniform smooth.

4. Engraving- using high-precision equipment, laser typing.

5. Excessive angle- the wheel angle is clear and bright.

6. Cutting- edge tooth pattern-tip teeth clear and bright.

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